Advanced Gas Turbine Laboratory

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Research Fields

Guided by the development and application of medium power class light-weight gas turbine products for ships and industry, we have carried out basic research, key technology research and development, system integration innovation, product development and application demonstration of gas turbine.

Team Building

The laboratory has 56 faculty members, including 10 professors, 15 associate professors, 2 postdocotors. The number of master and Ph.D students is 25, 7 students graduated.

In 2020, Xiao Bo professor was awarded to an expert of naval equipment price scheme evaluation and a member of Academic Committee of Shaanxi Key Laboratory of aviation structure strength and reliability. Researcher DU Juan entered the expert database of gas turbine unit of science and Technology Commission of Central Military Commission, and she was elected as a member of the 13th all China Youth Federation, member of the first Youth Federation of central and state organs, young learning pacesetter of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Academy of Sciences in 2020. She is the core member of the innovation team.

Projects and Major Achievements

Supported by the key technology research and model development projects of gas turbine completed by the Institute , the development of advanced medium-sized gas turbine design tools with independent intellectual property rights has been accomplished., The design system; the key technology test and verification of core components such as 30MW gas turbine compressor, combustion chamber and high-pressure turbine blade; as well as the engineering design and components of gas generator trial production have been completed. The establishment of all domestic parts production and system development supply chain system; the control system software and hardware design and product development have also been completed. The first gas generator engineering verification machine assembly tooling, process and key equipment development as well as the whole machine assembly and bench test have been completed.

In the direction of compressor research, the reliability verification of the early stall warning method under the condition of distorted inflow was completed, and the active control based on tip air injection under the condition of rotating/circumferential distorted inflow was realized. The optimization and experimental verification of the casing treatment composed of the front slot and back groove were carried out in low-speed single-rotor compressor, and the stability and efficiency enhancement mechanism of the front-slotted and back-grooved casing treatment was revealed. The variation law of the attackangle characteristics of the stator blade of the controllable aerodynamic profile with different loads under different inlet Mach numbers was revealed, and the prediction model of the influence of injected mass flow on aerodynamic performance the stator blade of the controllable aerodynamic profile was established.

In the field of combustor design, the effect of combustor dome structures on swirling flame dynamics is revealed and critical geometric parameters affecting combustion instabilities are successfully identified. Large eddy simulations are combined with decomposition techniques to capture the vortex shedding and shear layer movement in the V-type flames, and corresponding shedding frequencies are extracted. Two modified dampers with multiadjustable frequency bands are proposed to better attenuate combustion instabilities. Impedance models of these dampers are theoretically deduced and experimentally validated. The attenuation characteristics are predicted by the numerical method and the corresponding design approach for dampers is established. In the field of nozzle design, the study on the flow field and atomization characteristics of the air-blast atomizer is carried out. The relationship between the Sauter mean diameter of fuel and the structural parameters of the swirl cup is found, and the optimization design criteria for the swirl cup is proposed.

In the field of turbine basic research, the high-precision correlations and database on discharge coefficient and film cooling effectiveness of the cylindrical hole were established based on the experiments; Aiming at the film cooling effectiveness experiments of turbine blade under a high Mach number condition, a temperature correction method for pressure sensitive paint measurement was proposed, Through the film cooling experiment on the flat plate, the influence mechanism of perpendicular ribbed cross-flow channel on the film cooling effectiveness of the diffusion slot hole was obtained, Through the study of the film hole shapes and arrangements in the endwall area on the turbine rotor blade, a new method for arranging diffusion holes in the endwall was proposed, which simplifies the design process; A new diffuser structure and blade modeling method were proposed to effectively improve the flow separation in the exhaust system.

Technology Transfer

In 2020, we have won 5 projects, including 1 special exchange program project, 1 innovation fund of Light Power Research Institute, and 3 projects entrusted by horizontal enterprises. In 2020, the total funding is CNY 34.467 million. Tsingtao CAS Guosheng Power Technology co., ltd. was established in October 2017 with a total investment of CNY 1 billion. Its main shareholders are Institute of Engineering Thermophysics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, gas turbine R & D team, Chengfa Investment Group Co., Ltd. The company mainly carries out the research and development, complete machine assembly, test run, complete machine and spare parts sales and operation and maintenance technical services of 40mW light gas turbines for military and civil use, such as ship drive, natural gas distributed energy power generation, large-scale compressor (pump), offshore oil and gas platform. It is a typical high-end military civilian integration equipment enterprise.

In 2020, the advanced gas turbine team of Institute of Engineering Thermophysics, Chinese Academy of Sciences and Tsingtao CAS Guosheng Power Technology co., ltd. will jointly carry out the key task of model research and have completed the whole machine test run. The measurement and assembly equipment for large-scale equipment such as pneumatic turntable, high-speed blade tip grinder and vertical grinder has been successfully developed and applied in gas turbine rotor assembly. Five key projects have been completed, including "instability mechanism and control of aeroengine compression system" technology and "measurement and assembly method of complex components of large equipment" technology, which will be entered into the national science and technology achievements registration system, and will be included in the annual report of major scientific and technological achievements of the Chinese Academy of Sciences to promote communication inside and outside the Academy.

Patents and PaperAwards

In 2020, the laboratory will apply for 25 patents, of which 18 patents will be authorized, including 6 inventions and 12 utility models, and 2 software copyrights will be authorized. Published 32 research papers, and 13 are indexed by SCI, and 10 are indexed by EI.

Title: Large eddy simulation calculated flame dynamics of one F-class gas turbine combustor. Author: Yang, Yang; Liu, Xiao*; Zhang, Zhihao. IF: 5.578. Title: Experimental investigation of film cooling effectiveness on a gas turbine blade pressure surface with diffusion slot holes. Author: Yu, Zhiqiang; Li, Chen; An, Baitao*. IF: 4.725.

Title: Plasma pressure sensor based on direct current glow discharge. Author: Li, Fan; Luo, Haiyun; Du, Juan*. IF: 4.499


Researcher LIU Jianjun has served as a member of the professional committee of impeller machinery and personnel of the international gas turbine branch of American Society of mechanical engineers, and Researcher DU Juan is a member of the Organizing Committee of the International Conference on gas turbine in Asia.

International Cooperation and Exchanges

1. Cooperation project 1: special exchange program of Chinese Academy of Sciences - Research on new generation engine pneumatic flame holder

Due to the impact of the epidemic, the original mission was cancelled and changed to online communication. After many negotiations, we plan to sign a technical agreement and labor contract with Russia on the research work of pneumatic flame holder applied to afterburner of small turbojet engine.

2. Cooperation project 2: Research on advanced thermal barrier coating technology for gas turbine blades

Due to the impact of the epidemic, the original mission was cancelled and changed to online communication. Considering the continuity of the project research, we plan to sign an outsourcing contract with Uzbekistan on the preparation of TBC on the sample and the research on its structure and performance.

3. International Conference

From September 21 to 25, 2020, postdoctoral Li Zhihui and doctoral student Yu Zhiqiang attended the International Conference on procedures of ASME

turbo Expo 2020 and read articles. From September 7 to 9, 2020, doctoral student Liu Yang attended the International Conference on energy and propulsion (GPPS) online and read an article.

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