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Journal of Engineering Thermophysics
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Journal of Engineering Thermophysics

Aims & Scope:

Journal of Engineering Thermophysics is a science and technology academic journal, the journal mainly publishes the original and creative papers and experimental methods in the research on engineering thermodynamics and utilization of energy resources, aerothermodynamics of heat engines, transfer of heat and mass, combustion, multiphase flow and fluid physics. 

Abstracted/Indexed in:

Journal of Engineering Thermophysics was commenced by Professor Wu Zhonghua in 1980, who served as editor until 1992. Professor Wu Zhonghua, academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, director of Chinese Society of Engineering Thermophysics, and the head of the original Chinese Academy of Engineering Thermal Physics Research Institute, is a world famous physicist, who finds theory of three-variable turbulent flow.

Publish frequency

Monthly, in Chinese with English abstracts, Since 2008

Supervised by

Chinese Academy of Sciences

Sponsored by

The Institute of Engineering Thermophysics, the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Society of Engineering Thermophysics

Edited by

Editorial Committee of Journal of Engineering Thermophysics


Xu Jianzhong


11 Beisihuanxi Road, Beijing 100190, China

Phone and E-mail

86-10-82543104, xb@iet.cn




Science Press

Printed by

Beijing Kexin Printing House, China International Book Trading Corporation


210 mm×297 mm





Code Issued abroad

M 208 (Code No.: M 208)

Brief Information for Authors:

Journal of Engineering Thermophysics focused on creative academic papers on engineering thermodynamics and energy utilization, aero thermodynamics, heat transfer and mass transfer, combustion, multiphase flow, experiment method and technology of fluid machinery and engineering thermophysics research. The journal provides the forum for high-quality research communications, original new developments in scientific researches. The copyright of the paper is transferred to the Journal of Engineering Thermophysics.

Writing requirements:

Title: Title of the paper should be exact.

Abstract: Abstract should be about 100 ~ 200 words, outline the objective, method, main results and conclusion.

Keywords: Keywords 3 to 6 keywords or phrases for cross indexing this article.

References: All references should be listed at the end of the text in the order in which they are cited (not alphabetical). References should be cited within the text in numerical order according to their order of appearance.  

Major domestic and foreign publications or database retrieval Indexed:

(1) Foreign retrieval system:

American "Engineering Index" database (EI)

American" Chemical Abstracts" database (CA)

American" Previews of Heat and Mass Transfer"

Russia P Ж(P Ж)

Japan "Science and technology literature information" (JP)

(2) The retrieval system:

Chinese mechanics Digest

Chinese Science Citation Database

China Science and Technology Statistics and Analysis Database

China Science and Technology Abstracts Database

Chinese Core Journals Database

Chinese Academic Journal (CD)

Chinese Academic Journal Comprehensive Evaluation Database

Chinese Journal Full-text Database

Chinese scientific journals boutique Database

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